Global Health Research: Designs and Methods

Global Health Research: Designs and Methods helps students become better consumers of research and prepares them to contribute to global health research teams. Readers learn how to ask research questions, critically appraise scientific literature, select an appropriate research design, develop a sampling and measurement plan, and make an impact with their work. This online book can be used in undergraduate and graduate courses that train students in the basics of global health research. See the course schedule for session outlines, learning objectives, activities, and lecture slides.

Global Health Research: Data Science

Global Health Research: Data Science is a hands-on guide for global health students without much experience in modern data workflows. Readers will learn how to use R and RStudio to import, tidy, transform, and visualize data in preparation for analysis, and then create reproducible reports and Shiny apps to share findings. This book is designed to take readers from raw data to publication-quality manuscripts.

These books are works in progress. If you find errors (gasp!), please create an issue on Github (GHR or GHDS), email me, or shame me on Twitter (@ericpgreen). I’m writing the books in R Markdown within RStudio. The bookdown package from the makers of RStudio does most of the heavy lifting to compile the book. The source code for the books is available on Github (GHR and GHDS).