About this Session

The reading and videos required for this session will introduce you to global health research, describe the characteristics of scientific research, and preview the stages of the research process that we will explore in more depth this semester. In today’s session, we will review what makes a good research question and practice turning bad questions into good ones.

Preparing for Class

  • GHR Chapters 1 and 2
  • Read the abstract and introductions of the following papers. Take note of research questions, hypotheses, and theories.
    • Tsai, A. C., & Venkataramani, A. S. (2015). The causal effect of education on HIV stigma in Uganda: evidence from a natural experiment. Social Science & Medicine, 142, 37-46.
    • Betancourt, T. S., Agnew-Blais, J., Gilman, S. E., Williams, D. R., & Ellis, B. H. (2010). Past horrors, present struggles: The role of stigma in the association between war experiences and psychosocial adjustment among former child soldiers in Sierra Leone. Social Science & Medicine, 70(1), 17-26.
  • Review the application activity that we will complete in class
  • Pre-class readiness assessment


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