About this Session

In this session you will learn about the process of peer review and the fundamentals of critical appraisal. The goal of this session is to start you on the path to becoming a better consumer of research.

Preparing for Class

  • GHR Chapter 4
  • Villegas, L., McGready, R., Htway, M., Paw, M. K., Pimanpanarak, M., Arunjerdja, R., … & Nosten, F. (2007). Chloroquine prophylaxis against vivax malaria in pregnancy: a randomized, double‐blind, placebo‐controlled trial. Tropical Medicine & International Health, 12(2), 209-218.
  • Cot, M., & Miailhes, P. (1995). Increase of birth weight following chloroquine chemoprophylaxis during the first pregnancy: results of a randomized trial in Cameroon. American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, 53(6), 581-585.
  • Review the application activity that we will complete in class
  • Pre-class readiness assessment


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In-Class Activity

We will complete several activities in-class:

  • Read example responses to peer reviews for three published studies:
    • Blattman, C., Green, E. P., Jamison, J., Lehmann, M. C., & Annan, J. (2016). The Returns to Microenterprise Support among the Ultrapoor: A Field Experiment in Postwar Uganda. American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 8(2), 35-64.
    • Green, E. P., Blattman, C., Jamison, J., & Annan, J. (2015). Women’s entrepreneurship and intimate partner violence: A cluster randomized trial of microenterprise assistance and partner participation in post-conflict Uganda. Social Science & Medicine, 133, 177-188.
    • Green, E. P., Blattman, C., Jamison, J., & Annan, J. (2016). Does poverty alleviation decrease depression symptoms in post-conflict settings? A cluster-randomized trial of microenterprise assistance in Northern Uganda. Global Mental Health, 3, e7.
  • Critically appraise Cot et al. (1995) and Villegas et al. (2007) using the FRISBE method and CONSORT checklists. Worksheet will be provided in class.

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