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In this session you will learn about strategies for selecting a study sample from a larger target population.

Preparing for Class


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In-Class Activities

1. Multi-stage cluster sampling

In the first activity you will learn more about how DHS surveys are planned and conducted. Select a recent DHS report from this list. Follow the instructions in the response template to explore the sampling design and implementation of this survey.

2. Sampling error in the year 1880

In 1880, less than 20 years after the end of the Civil War, the United States conducted the 10th population and housing census in the country’s history. Complete count datasets (100% sample) are available through Integrated Public Use Microdata Series for this census and the 1940 census. In this activity, you’ll examine the complete count dataset for North Carolina along with several samples from this population.

Census form

Follow this link to get started on an activity designed to help you understand sampling error.

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