About this Session

In this session you will explore how trials are analyzed and consider threats to internal validity because of non-compliance and attrition.

Preparing for Class

  • RRE Threats
  • Patil, S. R., Arnold, B. F., Salvatore, A. L., Briceno, B., Ganguly, S., Colford Jr, J. M., & Gertler, P. J. (2014). The effect of India‚Äôs total sanitation campaign on defecation behaviors and child health in rural Madhya Pradesh: a cluster randomized controlled trial. PLoS Med, 11(8), e1001709.
  • Review the application activity that we will complete in class
  • Pre-class readiness assessment


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In-Class Activity

  1. Follow this link to get started on an activity designed to help you understand threats to RCTs.

  2. Review Patil et al. (2014). How did non-compliance impact this trial?

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